Main Directions


The Company has at its disposal the following:

- highly qualified professionals, including the founders of domestic energy-saving practice and participants of many foreign implementations of energy-saving technologies;

- modern production base for the production of steam and water-heating boilers, components and assemblies for them;

- a number of service subdivisions (branches) providing technical assistance in repair, purchase, installation, start-up and pre-commissioning of power equipment;

- a unique enterprise for sewage treatment by biological method of algolization using Chlorella and Scenedesmus algae.

The Company's professionals perform work of any complexity, including “turn-key” work - from facility design to its commissioning.

Over the years of existence of the technical assistance company, a lot of company professionals were employed abroad: the Republics of Cuba, Bulgaria, Mongolia, Yugoslavia, Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Vietnam and other countries.

The main partner of LLC SATER-ROS is JSC Stock Company SATER.

Over the last 3 years, SATER-ROS has performed the following amount of facility works:

1) Petrozavodsk City, Republic of Karelia. Facility: DOK (Woodworking Integrated Plant) Kalevala for production of OSB slabs. Working period: 2011-2013. Works for installation of metal structures and equipment, as well as isolation mount and lining works were performed.

2) Nurlat City, Republic of Tatarstan. Facility: CJSC Nurlat Sugar. Working period: 28.07.12-16.09.12. Works for sugar plant modernization and repair were performed.

3) Apsheronsk City, Krasnodar Krai. Facility: CJSC PDK (Woodworking Complex) Apsheronsk for production of MDF slabs. Works are performed from 22.06.12 till today. Works for installation of processing equipment, molding press line and piling-up are performed.

4) Lipetsk Region, Zadonsk District. Facility: JSC Khmelnytsky Sugar Plant. Works for boiler house modernization aimed at increasing the sugar production from 2.500 tons to 7.500 tons per year are performed. Completion Date - 2014.